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Three ways to use coffee in cocktails

Coffee, the world's most popular beverage, is a worthy addition to any cocktail. In Canada, coffee drinkers consume on average 3 cups per day! Coffee cocktails are also a great way to warm us up in the depths of winter, or to help perk you up during the cold and dark months.

1) Coffee-Infusions

Coffee infusions are an amazing way to extract flavour out of your ingredients. You utilize your base spirit to pull the flavours, oils and aromas out of your ingredient, in this case - coffee beans. The higher the proof or the alcohol, means the quicker the infusion. The ingredient’s properties will also affect how quickly it will soak into the alcohol. There are a number of ways to do a coffee infusion, the simplest being soaking whole coffee beans in a spirit. If you utilize ground coffee, you will create more of an intense flavour faster.


2) Fresh Espresso

You can go ahead and pull that cold brew that you bought at the store and put it right in your cocktail. A lot of cocktails call for cold brew or espresso, the most famous being The Espresso Martini! The traditional Espresso Martini calls for a freshly pulled shot of espresso, quality vodka and a coffee liqueur.

When you shake a shot of espresso in a cocktail, you get a lovely foam and a body unlike any other. The great thing about utilizing a freshly brewed espresso is that you get a true representation of the roast, a beautiful crema, an intense coffee flavour and aroma.


3) Coffee Simple Syrup

Simple syrups are a great way to incorporate flavours into a cocktail. A simple coffee syrup calls for equal volume-by-weight of cold brew or brewed coffee, to white sugar. Simply give the coffee some heat and stir in the sugar until dissolved. The sugar is used to pull out the flavours of your ingredient. It adds body and sweetness to the drink. You can also experiment with different types of sweetener to achieve various flavours; for example Demerara sugar, honey or maple syrup replacing white sugar. Keep in mind that all sugars have different viscosities and sweetness levels, so you may need to adjust your measurements to make sure you keep coffee the star of the show!

TIP: Depending on the bean you choose, coffee can provide flavours of ripe red fruits, chocolate, baking spices, orange peels and various other wide-ranging notes.

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