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Anisa Francoeur

Anisa came into Matt and Jeff’s lives at just the right time. Walking into

"Dear Friend" in search of somewhere to express her passion for people and to grow into a company that had a happy environment.

Anisa fell in love with the industry and picked up bartending fairly quickly. Not only did she retain those skills but she brought her many other talents to the table. Wearing multiple hats, she helps us look and do good everyday! 

She is determined to mold Barkeep Cocktails into a top notch company, highlighting all the qualities and craftsmanship this team has to offer.

Jeff van Horne
matt Boyle

With years under his belt in the hospitality industry, Jeff Van Horne is a well-known name in Nova Scotia. One of the leading mixologists and bartenders in the country.


Jeff’s passion in life is to concoct unique and fully balanced cocktails. He is a professional at integrating flavour profiles and sourcing the perfect ingredients for the job. Nobody quite understands how he can remember a full book of recipes off the top of his head, but it sure comes in handy.

A goal of Jeff’s is for cocktails to be much more approachable. Cocktails have had a rap in being overly pretentious and some guests are even scared to ask a bartender “what is this?” He wishes to eliminate that stigma and educate the masses on how simple it really can be!

Right alongside his long time “Dear Friend” Jeff, Matt Boyle showcases his mastery for creating flavourful cocktails, and he too has become a trusted and well-known bartender in the city.

Matt has a unique way of combining his love of music, culture, and people into his craft. You will hear him wax poetic about how
“cocktails are like building an anthem. It all begins with a simple track.” Laying flavours, spirits, and ice, ultimately creating a hit cocktail!

Matt is the grand visionary for our crew and keeps us on our toes on what to do next. Now impatiently waiting to share our “set list” with the world. Matt can not wait for you to jam along!

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